Why you need a gym planner?


People are using planers nowadays for everything, from to do lists to water intake everything can be written in a planner. That`s also one of the reasons I love them so much, you can use them for everything you want.

Ok, let`s be honest, how many times you tried to go to  the gym every 2 or 3 days and you failed?

Aha, exactly!

And how many days you went to the gym and did cardio all day long without any big results? And another question for you: How many times you watched the other people in the gym looking like they all know what and how to do and you couldn`t even use a dumbbell the right way?

Ok, now that we know where we stay, it`s time to take action!

Here come in a gym planner. Those are actually pretty handy! I advice you to try some of the printable ones and make them smaller size so they can fit in your gym bag.

What you can use them for?

First of all, schedule! YUP. YUP. you have to decide how many days per week you work your back, your abs, your legs, your arms and write them down.

Let`s say you work legs and arms the same day  and abs and back in another day. You can write in your weekly schedule :

-Monday: back & abs

-Friday: legs&arms

– the other days: cardio or rest days


You can go even further and plan exactly what exercises you will do and how many reps, with weight you will use and who comes at gym with you.


Check out here my gym planners and My meal planners ( why are those important?)


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