Steps for goal setting



Now that we know why goals are important ( check out here ). We can go on and learn how to set proper goals. You can do this with a blank sheet of paper or on a planner, this is your call.


Step 1

Is to write down your main goals for this year : how many pounds you want to lose, what foods you want to get into your diet, something you want to get rid of, your projects , maybe your new blog, the types of relationships you want to have with others, and everything you want to get done this year. Take your time, this may take some while.


Step 2


Take the most important goals and put them in front of your list or write them in another color to pop up every time you look at your goals.


Step 3

Break them into smaller goals

Take every goal and break it into smaller ones : monthly goals or ever weekly


Step 4

Make an action plan

There is where you will write all it takes to get to your dream, all the steps you will have to take and all the things you will have to do. Write them somewhere and then try to keep working on it all day long.


Step 5

This is the last and the most important step , YOU have to take action. All the things you wrote , you will have to do. Nothing happens if you stay there and plan all day long, things aren`t changing until you do something. So let`s work on those dreams.





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