4 hours fasting


If you don`t know what fasting is, check out my Beginners guide for intermittent fasting here.

This method is harder than the 16/8 hours fast but it follows the same rules.

You have to fast for 20 hours and eat only in the 4 hours “eating window”.

All you have to do, is think about when to set your eating window, and preapare your food ahead so you don`t find yourself snacking while cooking.

Also, try to eat a really big meal and a snack .

You are allowed to drink water, coffee ( plain coffee, no milk, no sugar) or tea ( also without anything added). By drinking water  you can fill yourself up until the lunch time.

It`s important to eat healthy and avoid using too many fats or sugar, this will help you control your calorie intake and will help you to lose weight quicker.


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