5 reasons you need a paper planner



Planners are so big right now. Everyone has one, and if you don`t , you really need to buy one. I have to warn you, I LOVE MY PLANNERS. There are just so many reasons to use a paper planner that I can`t stress you enough about it. For now, here are my top 5 reasons to buy one today:


  1. You can`t remember everything

This must be the main reason why I first bought a planner, I forget pretty much everything : what I have to buy, when are my friends birthdays, how much I have to pay for my new dress and all those little things . Once I told my bff Happy b-day on 13 September, to bad that her birthday is in October . Now you got it, I really need to keep track of all those things.


  1. I tried digital calendars

Those just don`t work for me, and for many other people. You can delete things by mistake . And It`s just not possible to wake up, take your phone and start planning your day, there are so many messages that have to be answered , or some Instagram photos that you have to see before and that`s how a half an hour ( or 3 hours) goes by.

  1. It`s something about writing things on paper that makes you feel more committed, it makes everything seem more real.


  1. It looks so much better

When you buy a planner you can choose a plain , white one ore one that already has a design, either ways, you can add your own twist to it and make it look personal. I use a lot of stickers and colored pens to keep mine funny .


  1. There is something so satisfying about crossing off the tasks you have done, this feeling is so addicting. You will understand when you start your own planner.


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