Things to do when bored – part 2

Last post about #todowhenbored was really fun to write and you guys liked it , so I am back with part 2. This means ever more ideas of fun things for you! I am so excited, I really like this kind of posts and I think about doing a series or something.

This list has some ideas witch will help you in the long run, some might not be as funny, but your productivity will be busted, and also your confidence. Give those ideas a try and let me know if they worked.

Ok, so let`s get to the list, here are your ideas for this week:


– learn a new language ( or at least some words)

– clean your room ( this may not be too funny but it really helps with productivity, and it kind of helps you clean your mind too)

– go through your wardrobe and give away some clothes you don`t wear anymore

– go swimming ( swimming is amazing for your body)

– do a photo book/wall

– print out some inspirational quotes and hang them somewhere you will see them everyday

– plan your next holiday ( this may also save you some money)


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