5 days workout plan

healthy-2We all want to get abs , think about summer, don`t you want that perfect body you see in magazines?

I certainly do! So this year I really want to accomplish my goal : Get fit for the summer.


There is the first workout from February, we will start easy, with some exercises that we all know, and we can do them at home, without any weights. And I promise you will see results if you stick to this workout routine.

Also try to avoid white bread, oil and added sugar ( this will help you lose some extra pounds)

This is what you`ll have to do:


– 10 crunches

-10 russian twists

– 10 sec. plank


This is day one, you have to add 5 extra reps for each day . And do this circuit 3 times. Also try to run as often as you can ( 2 times per week will work) and tell me if this worked for you.


Day 1:

10 crunches

10 russian twists

10 sec. plank


Day 2:

15 crunches

15 russian twists

15 sec. plank


Day 3:

20 crunches

20 russian twists

20 sec. plank


Day 4:

25 crunches

25 russian twists

25 sec. plank


Day 5:

30 crunches

30 russian twists

30 sec. plank


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