How to make coffee healthier and tastier?


Coffee is full of antioxidants and it has a lot of benefits for our bodies is consumed proper. If you consume way too much coffee , you can get side effects as : headache, anxiety, rapid heart beat.

There are some tips for you to be sure that you don`t drink too much coffee and you consume it the right way:

– Don`t drink coffee after 2 pm. ( We drink coffee for energy, but it can interfere with our sleep so you keep coffee for mornings and enjoy a tea at night)

– Don`t load it with sugar ( do I really have to tell you why?!)

– Also, don`t use artificial sweeteners

– Avoid low-fat creamers

– Add cinnamon

– Add cocoa ( if you don`t like cinnamon)

– Use high-fat milk

– Buy high quality coffee


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