What to eat when fasting




If you don`t know what fasting is, check out my Beginners guide for intermittent fasting here.


Some of us get really confused when it comes to what we can eat and what we can`t eat durind a diet. Intermittent fasting let`s you choose wat you eat. But the truth is you can`t eat chips and fastfood and hope to lose a lot of weight.

There are some easy rules to follow:

– less sugar

– less bad fats

– less carbs ( try brown rice instead of white rice and integral bread instead white bread)


There are the foods you can eat while fasting for the best results:

– meat ( mostly chicken and fish while those are not so full of fats as other tipes of meat)

– plain yogurt

– fruits

– eggs

– milk

– nuts

– vegetables

– rice


You can combine those ingredients intro a lot of tasty recipes and you can also use seasonings.


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