Make money fast

NYCWhen we decide to leave our jobs it`s scary, I  fact, very scary. So I decided to start with some side hustle while I kept going to my job every day. This way, I was sure when I could make enough money to leave my job.


The first site I discovered was:


What you have to do:

You visit a site and your screen is recorded, also you need a microphone so you can tell people your opinion about the site. Your face won`t be recorded, only your voice.


What you need?

– A Pc or Mac ( or iPhone / Android if you want to take mobile tests)

– internet connection

– microphone


How much money you get?

You will get 10 $ for every 20 minute test


When you get your money?

You will be paid only by Paypal. And you will get your money 7 days after you completed the test. Payments are made every day.


This is an easy way to make money at home, but it won`t make you rich, you can make around 200$ / month if you are active and check your email often. Be patient. This might not be your type of job, but it can help you get some extra money fast.


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