Beginners guide for intermittent fasting


I hope you know about intermittent fasting, if you don`t, this is the article you have to read! It`s one of the easiest ways to lose weight without getting yourself into a really low calorie diet.

Intermittent fasting means basically when you don`t eat for a long period of time ( 16 or 20 hours) and then you get all your calories in the rest of the day. You can eat how much you want ( ok, don`t binge now and expect to lose 10 pounds in 2 days).


Let`s break a day into pieces to show you what a day would look like if you aren`t sure you can do it. But belive me, you can do!!!



Let`s say you wake up at 08 am and go to sleep at 08 pm.

You wake up and make some easy workouts ( I usually do a 5 minutes workout every morning to be sure that I won`t go back to sleep)

Take care of the things you have to do ( go to work / school/ clean your house)

Your first meal will be at 1 pm. Some boiled eggs with a salad, or grilled chicken ,rice and some veggies will be a good example for this “diet”.

Then at 4 you have a snack if you feel hungry ( nuts, a yogurt , or something like this)\

At 7 will be your last meal , don`t forget to pack some proteins to be sure that your meal will keep you full through the night.


If you try this diet, let me know how it worked for you.



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