Foods that burn belly fat


Belly fat. I don`t want to hear those words again. I feel like belly fat is one of our biggest enemies . And it kind of sticks with us forever. It`s almost impossible to get rid of it. But who knows what we have to do for a slim waist? I do!


– eat clean

– exercise every week ( 2 times princess, or more)


But I have to tell you this, because i`m sure you knew about those 2 tips, I have a bigger tip for you: eat those foods! Try to include them in your diet and you`ll see that they help reduce that belly fat, anyway, you still need to exercise and eat clean because we all know that abs are made in the kitchen!


Here you go:

  1. Oats ( it`s a reason why every health guru tries to eat oats every morning, and I say tries because not everyone loves them. I personally don`t but I got used to eating them just because I combine oats with a lot of fruits.) Oats will keep you full until Lunch time so you won`t have to snack every 2 hours.


  1. Eggs !

You can eat boiled eggs at breakfast ( I eat only one per day, in fact 3 per week, it`s not healthy to eat too many egg yoks, but you can eat as many egg whites as you want. ) Did you know that egg white is 100% protein? That`s why people who want to gain muscle mass eat so many egg whites.


  1. Fish. Salmon is pretty popular those days. I have to admit that it tastes really good and you can try a lot of recipies with salmon, if you don`t like it, try tuna. I love both , but not more than 2 times a week.


  1. Water, I don`t think I need to say anything about it anymore, water helps you get rid of water retains of your body, it makes your hair and skin healthier looking and it may make your hunger disappear because we tend to mistake hunger for thirst.


Those are my miracle foods, if you know more, comment below!



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