Things to do when bored

We all have those moments when we don`t feel like going out or hanging with our friends ( or they don`t have time to go out with us). Usually those days I stay home eat way too much and watch way too many movies.

So I decided is time for me to write a list of things I can do by myself to have fun and get out of the “lazy zone” . You know ( or if you didn`t, now you will) that I am obsessed with planning and lists. I make all kinds of list and hang them on my wall or just put them in my planner. I think is way easier to find something in a list than in a big post, so here is my happy-funny-todowhenyouarealone-list:


– Take a long bath

– draw something

– make a list of the things you have to do, movies you want to watch, books you want to read

– make a new playlist


– sing and dance

– you know that thing you always wanted to do and you were afraid that your friends will laugh? DO IT NOW!

– go out for a run

– or go to gym, you may find some interesting people there

– cook something new

– try some new diy projects




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