Zero calorie foods

Wait! What???

Yes, that was my reaction too. If counting calories is a hard job for you, I completely understand you, it was for me too. When I want to lose weight this is the first thing I do, I start counting calories too. But calories are not so important if you eat unhealthy foods. I mean, have you seen how many calories a muffin has? It`s unbelievable, you could take the same amount of calories from something that keeps you fuller for much longer.

zeroBut now, let`s get back to the topic. There are some foods (mostly veggies ) that make your body burn more calories to digest them than they contain.


Let`s take an example: An average apple has 75 calories , but your body burns around 80 or more to digest it, so we can say that it has -5 calories. You got it? It`s easy and it can help you so much.

Here are some of the 0 calories foods that you should include in your meal plan:


  1. Celery ( 16 cal/100g)
  2. Oranges ( 46 cal/ 100g)
  3. Cabbage ( 25 cal/ 100g)
  4. Cucumber ( 15 cal/ 100g)
  5. Lemons(29 cal/ 100g)
  6. Cauliflower( 25 cal/ 100g)
  7. Mushrooms ( 30 cal/ 100g)
  8. Watermelon ( 30 cal/ 100g)
  9. Tomatoes ( 17 cal/ 100g)
  10. Grapefruit (42 cal/ 100g)
  11. Kale ( 49 cal/ 100g)
  12. Apples ( 52 cal/ 100g)
  13. Carrots (41 cal/ 100g)
  14. Broccoli ( 34 cal/ 100g)
  15. Onions ( 40 cal/ 100g)


Leave a comment if you know more “ 0 calories foods”.


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