3 cheap and easy valentines day gifts for your boyfriend

valentined-day-quotesEvery year Valentines day comes and I can`t remember it until 13 february, belive me, that`s not a good thing ( I run from shop to shop and finally buy a shitty gift ) so this year I made a goal of remembering important things . I write it in my planner so I can get my gifts ready early this year. I got a lot of ideas and I want to help you too. There are the best ideas I got for you this year to impress your boyfriend:


  1. Gift cards ! Those are super easy, You can ever get a printable one from HERE . Also, if you want to make it super-duper special, You can draw it yourself, write some nice memories of you two inside or some reasons you love him.This leads me to my next idea:


  1. Love jar! It is soooo simple: You just get an empty jar, some paper and a pen ( or 10, different colors).Write memories of you to with a color, reasons you love him with another, use his favorite lipstick and kiss some pieces of paper for your “take me with you kisses” , also you can write why he is special to you, what you like about him.


  1. Date planner !                                                                                                                                   This sounds strange , but it can be fun and helpful for him. Usually boys have to take care of your dates and this might get boring sometimes, he always has to plan everything. Get a sheet of paper and write 10 places you want to go, 10 movies you want to see and 10 things you want to do the next month. This will help him so much! Try to make that sheet as colored as you can.


Check out my other posts for more Valentines day gift ideas : Here and Here.


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