Winter 2016 lookbook

True, Everyone can choose her style.But nobody can convince  me that we do not get inspired a little of trends each season. I will present what wear in 2016 (autumn-winter) and then you can  choose your favorite items  to incorporate it in my wardrobe !!!


1. sweaters with naked umedii (one of my recent obsession) and not only sweaters, dresses and designers have collections go on the same principle That, what if it is cold outside? Who Does not Want To expose His collarbone When the thermometer does not go 0 degrees?! But though this trend has gathered momentum, and I understand the why many of us we really like the idea, as long as it is Taken to Extremes.


2. The asymmetric cut Would do not know what Said BE about it, we see on the catwalks Several seasons of fashion, so blouses, dresses, skirts, and pants.


3. Retro style! Again! Great designer Returning to basics and accessories keep us fail to amaze everyone. For example Gucci and Michael Kors reintroduced in anii`60 stylish coats.


4. Jeans, always in fashion, I will write a separate article, Because I have escaped many times from the headache caused by the eternal feminine condition: Do not know / have what to wear today.


5. Fur. I’m sure ypu’ve seen plenty of girls on the street Who Embraced this trend.


6. In their presentations, Oscar de la Renta and Osman preferred monochromatic leather coats Who unlike most designers have opted for more colors.


That`s it for today, Have a pink day!





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