Healthy hair- A must have in every season

                               Healthy hair is something you need every day, it looks better and it makes you feel confident. There are some problems: we try to make it look perfect and use way too much heat , which makes your hair fragile and easy to burn.

                             there are some solution, which we all know, but we don`t use them. I will try to follow them starting from now and i hope you will too.


                    1. Use less heat and let your hair air dry.

                  2. Masks! A mask before shower will go a long way. I prefer coconut oil, I just apply it on dry hair before shower and let it sit for 20-30 minutes. Then i Just clean my hair with shampoo and rise.

                  3.Here is the ugly part . We HAVE to cut dried ends, even if we don`t want, this will make your hair look 10 times healthier.


                           Those are the best 3 advices I have for your hair. If you follow them your hair will look much better.


Ps: I`ll have some reviews for hair products soon!


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